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How To Download GBWhatsApp Working App


WhatsApp is a messenger app risen to the top because of the unique format it came with it. You don’t have to log in every time you open the app, and it can only be used with a mobile number, which happens to be a unique feature to this day.The Whatsapp picked up speed in the race of messaging, where Facebook has an advantage in the initial days.

What is GBWhatsapp? How To Download it Freely in 2017?
What is GBWhatsapp? How To Download it Freely 

Well, GBWhatsApp is a trend these days. But only a few of them know what exactly it is? But many of us still unaware of it. So in this guide, we have touched every single term related to GBWhatsApp. Let’s get started.

GBWhatsapp Android App Download & Review

However, even the Whatsapp has its flaws, which happen to the limitations the app developers have selected themselves. The Facebook owns the rights to the Whatsapp messaging app, which means they are developing the app to benefit the Facebook.

You will never be able to take full advantage of the features of the Whatsapp because Whatsapp is restricted for life.

As we know that the world is a big place with skilled Android app developers, who are using the app for a long time know that the app has more potential than the Official releases.
The XDADevelopers have developed GBWhatsapp, which leaves other third-party apps such as WhatsappPlus and Whatsapp behind. The app lets everyone behind, even the Whatsapp itself.

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#1 GBWhatsapp Features

1: GBWhatsapp enables you to Write more than 250 characters in your status.
2: You can change the icon of your GBWhatsapp.
3: It comes with an inbuilt theme store, where you can modify the way your Whatsapp looks.
4: You can preview and send messages from the notification bar, where it doesn’t support in some of the smartphones.
5: You can send files and documents above 100MB, while official version only allows you to send 16MB at once.
6: You can send multiple files at once, while Official version has a limit when you send data.
7: You can change the background for a particular user.
8: You can make yourself disappear from the Whatsapp for specific users.
9: You can also add group join links using GBWhatsapp.
10: If you want to copy a multiple Quotes without even copying Date, Name and Time from the chats, then you can use GBWhatsapp
11: The developers release regular updates to ensure you are getting the latest features and bug fixes.
12: There are devices that do not support Whatsapp anymore, while the developers of GBWhatsapp supports different and old devices without any lag.

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#2 Where to Download GBWhatsapp

Most of the website online does not provide you a working proper download link.

1: First Download the Download GBWhatsapp from here.

2: When the downloaded is finished, proceed with Installation of the app.

3: The Android will stop you from Installing.

4: Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources > Tap on it.

5: Install the app, then turn the “Unknown Sources” off.

Remember, you can use the GBWhatsapp and official Whatsapp at once, and keep one thing in mind that another Whatsapp is always GBWhatsapp, so don’t cause any commotion over it.

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Wrap Up: GBWhatsapp has opened up an opportunity for those, who use the messaging app a lot. You should give the app a shot because it delivers power pack performance. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section.

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