If you are a creator who creates websites, music, graphics, and videos, then chances are you might have already heard about Envato Elements. Envato Elements is a part of Envato which provides you with digital assets like videos, templates, vectors, fonts, sound clips, images, WordPress themes, and other graphic elements. It caters to creators of all levels, whether beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

However, all this can be availed upon subscribing to the Envato Elements plan. If you just began your career as a creator or are learning, it is understandable that paying for the subscription may be difficult for you. So how do I access Envato Elements without paying for the subscription?

The answer to this would be by using premium cookies of Envato Elements. You can use Envato Elements premium cookies and access all the assets it offers. So how to do it? Worry not; this article lists Envato Elements premium cookies to get premium accounts for free and the guide on using them. 

About Envato Elements

Envato Elements

As we already told you, Envato Elements is part of Envato. It is the one-stop place to get all the digital assets you need. It is available as a subscription-based model whose prices vary depending on the plan you go for. You will find WordPress themes, video clips, sounds, templates, and other digital assets. It has a wide library of the following assets-

  • More than 50 million stock photos
  • Stock video as well as video templates
  • Sound effects and music tracks
  • Fonts, 3D, and add-ons
  • WordPress themes and plugins

Subscription Plan Of Envato Elements

There are four plans offered by Envato Elements- Individuals, Students, Teams, and Enterprise. The cost of an individual plan is $16.5/month. This is for a single person who is not working as a team. If you have a team of 5 people or more, then you can go for the Team plan, which costs $10.75 per month for a single member.

Students get a discount of 30% on the membership. If you are a college student, then you can avail this offer. Envato Elements also have an Enterprise plan for companies and agencies. Enterprises can customize the pack according to their requirement and will be charged accordingly.

Envato Elements Premium Cookies

If you want to use Envato Elements for free, then getting premium cookies will let you access them. You can use the cookies of the Envato Elements of the premium account, and you will be able to access the accounts. Using cookies is completely safe; they don’t track your account credentials, so using them won’t cause any problems. They are easy to use; you must import them to your browser and begin using them. 

You can use the Envato Elements premium cookies given down below to access premium accounts for free-

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How To Use Envato Elements Premium Cookies?

Now that you have Envato Elements premium cookies with you, the question comes how you can use them. You will have to import the cookies to the browser you are using, and then you will be able to use them. This isn’t a difficult task to continue with, and if you don’t know how to do it, we are here to help you. Below is the complete process to use Envato Elements premium cookies on your browser. Do note that we will be using the Chrome browser, but you can use any other browser with support for extensions. 

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC. Here, head to the Chrome Web Browser. You can do so by clicking on this link
  • Here, search for Cookie-Editor extension and click on the very first option that appears. 

How to Get Envato Elements Premium Accounts/Cookies For Free 

  • Now, click on Add to chrome button to add the extension to your browser. 

How to Get Envato Elements Premium Accounts/Cookies For Free 

  • After installing the plugin, click on the Plugin icon next to the address bar. Now, click on the Cookie-Editor plugin. You can pin the plugin to access it quickly. 
  • After doing so, head to the Envato Elements website by clicking on this link.

How to Get Envato Elements Premium Accounts/Cookies For Free 

  • Now, click on the Cookies Editor extension to open it. Now, click on the Bin icon; this will clear all the cookies that were previously used. 
  • Now, click on the Insert option. Now, copy the cookies mentioned in this article and paste them here. Once done, click on Insert again. 
  • Now, refresh the Envato Elements page, and you will be logged into the paid account of Envato Elements. 

Clear Cookies

If you don’t want to use the cookies anymore, you can consider clearing them. This may be because you are having issues with them or want to use the newly updated cookies. To clear cookies, follow the steps given below-

  • Visit the Envato Elements website on your browser. Click on this link to do so.
  • Now, click on the Cookie-Editor extension. 
  • Click on Delete all option, and the cookies will be deleted. 

Bottom Line

Envato Elements, for sure, is one of the best platforms to provide you with digital assets. If you are a budding graphic designer who just started their journey or someone who is already on to some projects, you will be able to get digital assets that you can use in your work. Not only do they cater the beginners but all the professionals out there. 

They provide premium subscriptions, making it difficult for one to use it. To overcome the premium subscription, one can use the Envato Elements premium cookies and access the premium account for free. This article discussed everything about Envato Elements premium cookies and how you can use them. We have also listed some premium cookies for Envato Elements that you can consider using. 


How Do I Get Envato Elements Account For Free?

As of now, you can only get Envato Elements to account for free if someone shares it with you. You can either get the free trial, but that will be only limited to a 7-days duration. 

How To Use Envato Elements Premium Cookies?

Above in this article, we have discussed how you can use Envato Elements premium cookies on your browser. You can follow our guide to use premium cookies of Envato Elements and access the premium accounts for free. 

Is Envato Elements Value For Money?

Yes, Envato Elements is value for money. Coming at an affordable price, it offers the best digital elements. You can explore the wide library of digital assets on Envato Elements and use them on your projects. 

Is Envato Elements Royalty Free?

Yes, Envato Elements is royalty-free. Once you have the subscription to Envato Elements, you will be able to use their assets on your projects. The license for the downloaded assets is non-exclusive and can be used commercially worldwide. You can use the assets for anyone as well as for commercial usage. 

Can I Download Assets Only Once?

The assets can be downloaded as often as you want; they are not for a single download. Once the asset is downloaded, then can be downloaded again. 


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