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Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth


I know you are an active user of Clash of Clans and I also know why you landed on this article. Do you want to hack into Clash of Clans? Do you Want to Get more Gems, More Gold, and everything unlimited? I also want to do the same because like you guys, I also spend hours over hours every day to improve my base and get as many stars, and trophies in Clan Wars as possible. Well, In this article I explained each and everything related to Clash of Clans Hacks.

Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth
Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth

Smartphones support millions of apps which include educational apps, social networking apps, games, etc. People can play games of different categories on their smartphones. These games include role-playing, combat, racing, puzzles, and strategic games. One of the most favorite strategic games around the world is Clash of Clans. It was introduced for Android devices in the year 2013 but, iOS devices had it a year before, in the year 2012. Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer online game. It has millions of players playing this game simultaneously, making it one of the most played games in the world.

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How To Hack Clash of Clans 

Sir, How can we Hack Clash of Clans? Is it Possible to Hack and Increase gems in Clash of clans? etc etc…. – These are some of the example emails that we receive almost every day in a huge quantity. So We have decided to explain as much as we can over this COC Topic.

Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth
Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth

People are connected to this game due to its amazing gameplay. It is a fantasy themed game which has a virtual world. Players have to develop their village, train troops, loot gold and elixir by attacking other player’s villages, participate in clan wars, and much more. The levels here are determined based on the town hall.

The beginners have to start from Town Hall 1 and the latest Town Hall 11 is the highest level one can reach as of now. With the increase in levels, new buildings are unlocked which can be used to build a mightier army and prepare a stronger defense against attacks.

One can use the gems to boost up the development, which can either be mined in the game or can be bought by paying a certain amount of money.

However, mining takes very long, and not many gems are found. On buying these gems, you are instantly credited with the purchased amount of gems. People have been connected to this for so long due to its constant updates and competitions which are introduced.

Recently, in an update, a free shield was no more provided if only the Town Hall was destroyed. This changed the way of playing greatly. Also, in another update, a parallel base was provided which has to be developed.

This new village has pretty much interesting things. Also, there are many links between the old and the new base. Achieving new levels of the builder base can unlock some features in the original base.

Since there is such a huge number of players playing simultaneously, there is a cut-throat competition to win wars and attacks. However, if you were able to anticipate your attack without actually attacking or if you were able to look at the traps of your enemy before attacking, which play an important role in attacking, you can easily trounce your enemy.

This is only possible if you hack Clash of Clans. But, it sounds impossible since it is an online multiplayer game. Most of the games which can be hacked are either single player or can be played offline with the hacks.

But, Xmodgames came out with a solution to this problem. They added Clash of Clans to their list of games which can be hacked using their app. Their app had an option, which allowed players to look at the location of traps of their enemies so that they can deploy their army with care.

The sandbox option allowed players to try out their attacking strategies in war without actually attacking and wasting their attack. Other options allowed players to search for enemies which provided with a specific amount of loot.

Is Clash of Clan Mods Safe?

However, the developers came to know about this hack, and since it is highly unfair with those people who are playing it without any hacks, they engineered and rolled out an update which barred the players who had xmodgames installed on their device.

Thus, the hackers were forced to uninstall xmodgames or face a ban. Sice then, no working method for hacking Clash of Clans has been released.

There is another game just like Clash of Clans which allows players to have unlimited resources and with many more new troops. However, it is totally on another server and is not the original Clash of Clans. Thus, one cannot hack Clash of Clans as of now.

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Conclusion: This is all you need to know about Clash of Clans and the answer to the question if you Can we Hack Clash of Clans. If we have missed out on anything or if you have an update, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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