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Best Method: How To Boost Computer Speed


Your laptop or computer is Slow ? Before you go out and get a shiny new one, there’s lots of things you can do to give your current machine a speed boost. You can get a nice performance boost from tinkering with start-up programs or defragmenting the hard disk, but there’s even more gains to be had if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Here are 9 affordable and relatively easy ways to squeeze every ounce of performance from your old PC or laptop.in this tutorial i am share a best method to boost computer speed. 

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How To Boost Computer Speed 2016

There are many more Thing that consume your Memory but you Don’t know Like Windows Services or Software that you installed is also activate their Automatic Services that can Running Background of your Computer Like Google Chrome, Avast and Advanced System Care.

Steps: How To Boost Computer Speed 2016

#1 Open Search Bar of Windows and Find “Run” and Type “msconfig” in it and Hit Enter.Boost Computer Speed

#2 After that a Small Dialog Box will Open

#3 Go to Services Tab and First Hide all Microsoft services.

Boost Computer Speed#4 Now you see many of the Services Running by you Software that you Installed on Computer. These software consume your RAM and running their Process in Background.

#5 Now Unselect these Services that you not want to run.

#6 Now Jump to “Startup” Tab and you can see There is Task Manager Option Because in Newer Version of Windows they add Startup menu in Task Manager.

Boost Computer Speed#7 So Click on it and open Task Manager and in Startup Tab you can see some Application that Active when your Computer Starts.

#8 Right Click on it and Disable Those Startup Programs.

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#2 Best Tricks to Boost Your PC Speed 

#1 Right Click on “My Computer” from Left Side Click “Advanced System Setting”.

#2 Under Performance Tab Click “Settings”.

Boost Computer Speed#3 Now Select “Adjust For Best Performance” and Click Apply.

#4 This Will Disable all of Your Graphics of Windows that help you to save Memory Usage.

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Above are the Very Effective Tips and Tricks to Boost Computer Speed in 2016. There are many Applications and Software that also use to Disable Windows Services to Boost your Computer speed. So It is better to do Manually Instead of Installing Additional Application. Don’t forget to Share This Post.

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