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All About Black Friday? Basic Tips To BUY ‘ONLINE’ on Black Friday?


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  • For this reason, it is good to prepare a written list of the things you need, whether you search for products on the Internet or if you do it in a physical store.

There is still more than a week? No, Today is BLACK FRIDAY DAY but the prospects of Black Friday are already calculated from the record. Everyone expects to surpass the previous year’s sales, and everyone expects to find the Best Deal.

All About Black Friday 2017
All About Black Friday Deals

Friday’s discounts (which each year is ahead and lasts longer) is awaited by millions of people who take advantage of the discounts for Christmas shopping. What was once a tradition of US stores, today is a must in India. These are the keys to not getting lost in the ‘Black Friday.’

Where does it come from?

It is the day that begins the season of Christmas shopping in the US and now also in the rest of the world. The name ‘Black Friday’ was given, according to some, because this day marks the era in which the stores changed their red numbers to blacks. Others suggest that its origin was on November 19, 1975. That day the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ used that name to refer to the chaos that occurred in the Big Apple due to discounts the day after ‘Thanksgiving.’

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When is Black Friday celebrated?

It is always celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. That is the Friday after the last Thursday of November. This day is a holiday in the US and takes advantage of the bridge that companies allow their employees to buy. This year, it will be celebrated on November 24th.

What is a ‘Black Friday’?

The ‘Black Friday’ is a day in which you can buy all the items you want at discounted prices. Some big discounts concentrated in a single day. That has been traditionally, but in India and many electronic stores advance their discounts every year. The main companies offer mega discounts in their online and physical stores.

How ‘Black Friday’ arrived in India?

How 'Black Friday' arrived in India?
How ‘Black Friday’ arrived in India?

Seven years ago Apple decided to import this American tradition to India, and since then, this celebration has been gaining more and more strength. The American tradition of Black Friday came to Spain in 2011 where it some changes were made in the regulations governing promotions and sales periods in our country. It can be said that it was in 2015 when it reached its general implantation among Spanish stores.

Who Participates?

From large stores to small shops. Online and offline store. Flipkart, Amazon, etc. The latter, which has advanced its discounts for 11 days, foresees a record ‘Black Friday’ with more than 15,000 offers.

Why is the term ‘Black Friday’ used?

‘Black Friday 2017’ was the term used in Philadelphia to describe the dense traffic of people and vehicles the day after Thanksgiving. The reason for these traffic jams was that on Saturday a famous classic was played in American football between schoolboys of the naval school and the schoolboys of the Navy. That’s why a lot of people crowded into the stadium. The use of this expression began to be used among policemen in charge of trafficking.


Making the most of Black Friday depends to a large extent on how you plan your purchases.

#1 Compare prices

It is important to make sure that the price you pay is the lowest. During Black Friday you can find the same product at very different prices, and it is advisable to do an exhaustive search to find the cheapest or best value for money alternative.

#2 Plan purchases and avoid impulsive decisions

Before you get new articles, analyze your needs. The proximity to Christmas and the volume of offers may encourage you to buy more than the account. For this reason, it is good to prepare a written list of the things you need, whether you search for products on the Internet or if you do it in a physical store. The Black Friday is also a good opportunity to purchase items that you have to buy regularly or, basic fashion for men or women or even household supplies such as detergents and toilet paper.

#3 Pay attention to the payment and return conditions

After making a purchase, you should always keep the bill or simplified invoice, since this type of vouchers will be essential for any claim, change or refund.

#4 Browse in incognito mode

Sometimes, companies that have installed cookies on your computer know that you have already seen a product and send notifications to warn you to buy it because it is running out or because it increases its price. Once you have located what you want to buy, you can do it using the incognito mode and check if there are variations in the price.

#5 Be sure to calculate all expenses

Although during the Black Friday the reaction to a succulent offer is the impulse of purchase we must consider other expenses that can increase the final price. In this sense, it is always advisable to make sure that the cost indicated in the product includes VAT since many times it does not apply. On the other hand, if you buy online you must take into account the shipping costs.

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Wrap Up: This is all you need to know about Black Friday which is almost around the corner. If we have missed out on anything about BlackFriday, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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