YouTube is the destination for most of the videos made around the world based on pranks, technology, tutorials, music, etc. Hence, YouTube has a huge variety of videos. Anyone who desires to learn something can look for it on YouTube and just sit and learn by watching those videos. The most trending topic nowadays is Ethical Hacking and programming. There are quite a few channels on YouTube which allow you to learn Ethical Hacking and programming by just watching their videos.

Top 12+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking & Programming
Top 12+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking & Programming

On YouTube, any users living around the world can Sign Up freely and then create their channel where they could upload their self-created videos. Many YouTubers are only uploading Tech Videos like Tricks and Tips, but few are there who could probably upload some different stuff on YouTube Like Hacking, Programming. But we aren’t able to find those YouTube Channels where we can find such knowledgeful stuff. For Geeks, Learning Hacking and programming, YouTube is one of the best free media to learn Ethical Hacking and programming efficiently in 2020.

Wow! Here we listed Some of the best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking, Programming, and Computer Tricks. And You don’t need to pay any money to these channels. All you need to click on the play button, sit and learn to be an ethical hacker and Pro Programmer. Before learning Ethical Hacking, we would love to explore some of the best ethical hackers and the difference between Ethical Hacker or Non-Ethical.

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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking & Programming

Here is a list of top channels on YouTube which will help you with hacking and programming. Kindly Learn all such Hacking stuff for Educational Purpose.

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#1 Thenewboston | Learn Programming on YouTube

Thenewboston has over 4340 videos to learn from and more than 1.4 million subscribers. This channel is focussed on programming. Some videos provide the tutorial for hacking too. Bucky Roberts is the person who manages this channel and teaches about coding through the videos. The coding videos are easy to learn.

#2 Derek Banas

Derek Banas has over 548k subscribers and a collection of 796 videos as of now. The point of interest in his videos is that he explains the concept of programming in a single video that too very well. His aims at teaching as much possible in the least amount of time.

#3 ProgrammingKnowledge

This is the best site to check for programming tutorials. Novice programmers can learn a variety of programming here. Tutorials range from android tutorial to C++, Java, python, etc. It has over 302.5k subscribers and over 1100 videos to refer.

#4 Hak5 | Best YouTube Hacking Channel

There are two channels with the same name prevailing on YouTube. One has a massive number of subscribers of over 291k subscribers while the other has merely 11k followers. Both channels collective have over 1650 videos. This channel has gained popularity due to its remarkable quality of videos. Simple ethical hacking tutorials are available here.

#5 focusses on web designing and development. This channel tells you about JavaScript, jQuery, etc. The videos provide pieces of advice and explain the process of becoming a professional web designer. It has over 271.5k subscribers and over 123 videos to check.

#6 Treehouse

The motto is this channel is to educate its viewers about coding. Topics of coding in C, python etc are included in its videos. It also provides the viewers with advice and interviews. It has over 133k subscribers and a total of 388 videos.

#7 Penetration Testing in Linux

With a huge number of followers (57.5k) and a total of 363 videos at the moment, it is the most popular channel in its category. The motto of this channel is tested the penetration level of any website/account/secure network etc. Although you can learn hacking accounts, websites, etc. quickly.

#8 Seytonic

Seytonic has a combination of hacking tricks, penetration testing etc. It has over 85.6K subscribers and over 88 videos with a wide variety of content to learn. you can find videos on hacking-related tutorials, DIY projects, raspberry pi mods, etc

#9 Open Security Training

This channel delivers a precise knowledge about hacking tricks and techniques to its over 17.7k subscribers with the help of 296 videos at the moment.

#10 JackkTutorials

Ethical hacking channel: This channel on YouTube is quite popular and has over 204k subscribers and a collection of more than 347 videos. These videos can teach you about decompilation, reverse engineering, buffer overflow attacks etc. You can get the latest videos every day from the channel.

#11 Vivek Ramachandran

This YouTube channel has over 8k followers with a range of 217 videos. It focuses mainly on teaching hacking skills to its viewers. Tech lovers find this channel to be quite interesting.

#12 CEH v8

CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker. This channel is a boon for those who wish to appear for CEH Ethical Hacking examination. This exam provides you with a government approved certificate as a hacker. The short videos prove to be extremely helpful while preparing for this examination.

#13 PNPtutorials

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Now What are Looking For? These are the top Best YouTube channels to subscribe or keep a check on to learn Ethical Hacking and programming 2020 easily. The amount of content available here is huge in quantity and is of good quality too. If you know any more channels like this then please share them here by the comment. These Best YouTube Channels to learn Ethical Hacking and Programming are best fits for you. Don’t Forget to share this.

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