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5 Key Methods To Ensure Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Effective


Quick Overview
  • Email marketing is crucial for business survival and competition. It involves personally connecting with the audience to establish trust and loyalty.
  • To effectively use email marketing, offer value in emails, create engaging content, avoid spammy keywords, and personalize messages to attract attention.
  • NetHunt CRM integrates with Gmail, allowing personalized mass emails based on customer criteria, with email tracking to monitor engagement.


Email marketing is a necessity for all businesses that want to survive and surpass the competition. However, it’s not just sending blasts to prospects. You have to personally connect with your audience through your email marketing campaign.

Using email marketing as the vehicle to get your ads in front of customers and prospective customers may be effective, much more so than weekly newsletters or promotional flyers.

All business share a common goal – to establish trust with their consumers and add more value to the product. And, for companies to make this happen, they need to better the conversations that take place with their customers – it’ll help with setting up brand loyalty.

If your goal is to connect better with customers, then you need to know how to do this correctly. After all, customer connection is what will help your business survive and thrive among the competition.

5 Ways To Effectively Use Email Marketing To Establish Customer Connection

Offer Value

Many people don’t take business emails seriously, but you can change that by offering them something that’s worth their time. You want all emails to address a question the consumer has been asking about the company and product.

Send a welcome email that has infographics about how to get started on a certain feature. The email will help customers understand it instead of them searching for the answer via the website. This gives your communication some value.

Create Engaging Emails

Your emails need to engage the reader, keeping things simple, short and concise with tips they can use. If a customer thinks your email is worth reading, they’re going to open it despite the hectic lifestyle they lead. Be sure to include a little humor in it – something that will grasp their attention and keep them looking forward to what you have to send.

Offer More Content

You don’t have to write and write and write to spread the word about your product/service. If you’re offering a product you’ve written on before, consider using and upgrading it to fit the situation now.

Don’t Spam Your Emails With Particular Keywords

Unless you want your emails to wind up in the “Spam” box, you need to avoid using spammy words such as free, help, service, guarantee or anything of the like. Don’t create a sales pitch headline since they won’t get past the spam filter.

Attract Their Attention

To establish trust, you need to see them as something more than a cash cow. Your customers’ happiness is essential is building trust. Remember, each person has habits and a working style, which means they open emails at various times of the day or night.

You want to take a communication approach that addresses their needs at the right time. Give your emails some personalization and establish a connection instead of sending them emails after emails of non-engaging, impersonalized material.

Remember, the customer is the heart of your business, and you need to do whatever you can to make them happy. They are what help you along the path of success or failure. With the above five tips, you can send more engaging, open-worthy emails that offer a personalized feel that resonates with the audience.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a comprehensive Small Business CRM system that integrates with Gmail and G Suite. It lets you store and manage customer details right in the inbox. While email marketing is not something CRM systems are often associated with, NetHunt lets you group your contacts based on any criteria their records have and send a mass mail with personalized data to this segment. It also features email tracking, so you know who and when has opened their messages.

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