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Top 10 Best Grey Hat Hackers – All Time Best


Quick Overview
  • Grey hat hackers exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems for various reasons, such as profit or challenge.
  • The term "grey hat" refers to hackers with ethical standards between purely altruistic and malicious.
  • Top 10 grey hat hackers include individuals like Adrian Lamo, Vladimir Levin, and groups like the Syrian Electronic Army.

Top 10 Grey Hat Hackers All Time Best

10 Best Grey Hat Hackers 2017 of all time 2016- In Computer world or this internet world we says, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, challenge, enjoyment, or to evaluate those weaknesses to assist in removing them. Here are a brand new list of top 10 best grey hackers in the world of all the time.These hackers are of two types.So lets go ahead and take a look about these top 10 best grey hat hackers

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Top 10 Grey Hat Hackers (All Time 2017)

Who Are Grey Hat Hackers

In Internet slang, the term “grey hat” or “gray hat” refers to a computer hacker or computer security expert whose ethical standards fall somewhere between purely altruistic and purely malicious. The term began to be used in the late 1990s, derived from the concepts of “white hat” and “black hat” hackers

List of top 10 best grey hat hackers – All Time best

#1. Adrian Lamo

Also known as “homeless hacker” for his transient lifestyle .He is also known for his capability to hack into the internal computers of The New York Times in 2002.He accessed to the personal databases including the private information of more than 3,000 people.For doing this he was sentenced to two years and was fined $65000.

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#2. Vladimir Levin.

He is Russian hacker who become famous in 1995 for hacking CitiBank’s accounts and stole nearly $10 million from various global accounts.He does this by hacking telecommunication system of the bank
and listened the costumers and their account credentials.

#3. Albert Gonzalez

Sentenced for 20 years in prison, Gonzalez stole about credit card and debit card details of millions by hacking the information.

#4. Gary McKinnon

He gained the access over 97 american military networks and left a message on their network “your security is crap”.He was great in art of using computer from the age of 14.
5.Kelvin Poulson: Being known as Dark Dante at 20 hacked into the LA phone networks .He does so to ensure that he has won the prize from radio show and even hacked hacked into the phone calls of “Hollywood Starlet” to proove it.

#6. Syrian Electronic Army

To support the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad this hacking group created havoc by launching DDoS attacks on famous websites.The group is still active and generally target western organizations for the media outlets who oppose Syria.It is the one of the most known hacking groups of today.

#7. Max Ray Butler

He was a security consultant before who changed to a hacker and digitally stole 2 million credit card numbers.Butler is serving 13 year sentence which is the longest ever given to a hacker.

#8. Astra

A Greek hacker who infiltered the computers of French aviation company Dassault Group and stole weapons technology data for over 5 years.Astra sold the information about the military grade aircrafts and the jet fighters to other countries.The actual identity of him was not revealed but was known to be a 58 year old mathematician.He created a loss of more than $360 million.

#9. Anonymous

The name of the hacktivist group that carried out hacking compaigns to support the political events.This group used to hack up the various authoroties to show up their thoughts to the government.

#10. Kevin Mitnick

At childhood he used to make free calls by his hacked mobile phone and stole secret codes from Sun microsystems and Novell.He even admits that he hacked the phone calls of NSA(National Security Agency).

Above is top 10 best grey hat hackers of all time.you can read more about grey hat hacker in google or wikipedia too.Share this Please !

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